Data Archive of the Animal Cognition Lab

Data Archive of the Animal Cognition Lab

Department of Psychology, University of Georgia



          This site was developed by Jonathon D. Crystal.  The site was closely modeled on the data archive at the Brown University Timing Laboratory developed by Russell M. Church.  The effort to archive data was promoted by a workshop at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) on Data Archiving for Animal Cognition Research held in July 2001.  Click here to view the NIMH report.  The report was published in: 

Kurtman, H.S., Church, R.M., & Crystal, J.D. (2002). Data archiving for animal cognition research: Report of an NIMH workshop. Animal Learning & Behavior, 30, 405-412.


This site was developed with support from NIMH grant MH61618.


          Individuals responsible for the collection of data deposited into the archive include:

Babb, Stephanie, J.

Crystal, Jonathon, D.

Hohmann, Andrea, G.

Maxwell, Kenneth, W.

Pizzo, Matthew, J.



Last updated 11 June 2003